The Legacy:
Ken Cro-Ken was an 
ecosystem painter and multidisciplinary artist, who dedicated his life to improving his community through art, nature, and literature.

Our name:
2B&2C, comes from the Lower East Side garden-studio of the late Ken Cro-Ken. 2B&2C is the name that Ken lovingly called the garden because of its location – on 2nd St. between avenues B and C.

Our Leader:
Founder of 2C&2C Matt Sullivan – Ken’s longtime collaborative partner and husband – mediates events.

2B&2C: The Ken Cro-Ken Memorial Foundation honors Ken’s life by providing artistic and cultural experiences to the public. In this way we hope to  perpetuate his legacy of love and community development.

Community Service:
2B&2C honors Ken’s mission of community service through the lens of his writings and ponderings on his role as artist and conversationalist with the ultimate creator: Nature.

Visit The Site Ken Created for his work ::HERE::